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Summary of Services
Seattle Evergreen Transportation Corp. provides an airport transportation solution for the Puget Sound metropolitan area. Seattle Evergreen Transportation Competitive can provide airport travel on short notice if cars are available, but they generally work with a reservation system. A customer would Make online reservation or call up in advance and provide Seattle Evergreen Transportation Corp. with flight information. Or the customer will specify the time and pick-up location.

Seattle Evergreen Transportation Competitive would schedule the pick up time and then call and send an email to confirm the pickup. For pick up at the airport, Seattle Evergreen Transportation Corp. would meet the customer at baggage claim area if so request by the customer or outside of baggage claim after the customer has picked up their luggage and would drive them home.

Seattle Evergreen Transportation City Tour:

Seattle city tour is the extravagant high-rise and Art Deco buildings of the downtown area. In the heart of downtown lies the Pike Place Public Market. This world-renowned market has been in continuous operation for almost a century and remains a treasure among locals and tourists alike. From your seat, you'll be able to see the large array of colorful flowers, produce and handmade crafts brought to the market daily.

To Pike Market, you'll drive through the birthplace of Seattle - Pioneer Square. This historical area has retained its tree lined streets and old, red brick buildings now home to art galleries, classy eateries and fine entertainment. Learn the fascinating history of Pioneer Square and its "Underground City" on your Seattle city tour.

"See Seattle's Famous Lake Union on Your Seattle City Tour"

In the Lake Union, you'll find an abundance of boathouses along the docks. The Hollywood film Sleepless in Seattle was filmed on a Lake Union boathouse in the early 1990's and has made the area famous. Following Lake Union, you will enter the adorable, funky-but-classy downtown of the Fremont neighborhood. Be entertained by the tale of Fremont's interesting statues and sculptures.

"Watch the Chittenden Locks In Action"

A "must see" for every Seattle visitor are the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, commonly called the "Ballard Locks." Your Seattle Ever Green Transportation city tour will make a stop so you can get out and watch up-close the magic of the locks. Grab some fresh air and watch closely as the locks guide boats from the salt water of Elliot Bay into the freshwater of Lake Union. Learn about the importance of the locks and how they operate so effectively. Also, be sure to check out the schools of young salmon using the fish ladders to travel upstream to the waters of Lake Washington.

"See Seattle from A top Magnolia Bluff"

From the locks, your Seattle Ever Green Transportation will take you up the steep hills over to Magnolia Bluff. This lookout point, nestled in one of Seattle's wealthiest neighborhoods, reveals some of the best views of this majestic city! On a semi-clear day, you'll be able to see downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and the stunning Mt. Rainier. Capture the awesome beauty of Seattle with plenty of pictures and video footage!

Unwind with a relaxing ride down the steep hills of Magnolia and Queen Anne back into the downtown area. For your convenience, your Seattle Evergreen city tour offers drop-offs any where in down town Seattle, Space Needle and Pike Market to minimize your travel and let you enjoy the rest of your Seattle vacation!

To make your city tour reservation please Call@ Phone # (206)-730-0200 / 1-888-289- 0177.

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